Danial Moazeni


Danial Moazeni was born in 1998 in Esfahan, Iran. At four, he started the Persian instrument to play the Tar. He began his studies in 2012 at the Music High School of Isfahan while studying with Maestro Hossein Alizadeh and Houshang Zarif Basics of Composition and Tar. He has given many concerts with diverse ensembles as a Tar player and composer in Tehran, Isfahan, Shahre-Kord Yazd and Neyshabour (Mashhad). In 2014 he founded the Nafis Ensemble. As a composer he has composed pieces for the Chamber Orchestra of Tehran and the National Orchestra of Isfahan. After graduating from high school, he moved to Austria and has been studying bachelor studies in music composition with Carola Bauckholt at the Anton Bruckner university, Linz, Austria since 2017 . In 2018 he had a radio conversation about the compositional interaction of Persian and European music and culture. As a soloist and composer he has performed in music festivals of Berlin, Krems, Linz, Budapest, and Contemporary Music Competition of Bologna, Italy with “Silkroad”,”Nafis Ensemble”, “WorldMusic Quartett”, “Ensemble Airborne” , “Kölner Schlagquartett” , Trio Sheek & SolterPlus Ensemble. 2019 he won the Prize of “Die sieben Leben des Maximilian Festival” ((Max 500)) He also played in the Theater am Spittelberg in Vienna [5] and in Salzburg with the Famous Persian singer Vahid Taj, with the Solter Plus Ensemble and the Nafis Ensemble. In 2020 he appeared with the WorldMusic Trio at the Linz International Short Film Festival [6] and wrote the soundtrack for the short film “Facing” in the same year. Moazeni also gave workshops and master classes in composition, music theory, listening training, Solfegio, composition and counterpoint at the universities and art schools of Isfahan and Tehran. In 2020 he was a guest for a conversation on Radio FRO & ORF Upper Austria in the program Unisounds [7] about the compositional interaction of Persian and European music and contemporary music. In 2020 he recorded his first music album in the genre of Persian world music with Vahid Taj .


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